Briefly in English

March 15, 2017

Briefly in English


General information


The student organization Trade was founded in 1996 and is aimed at all Business students in Turku University of Applied Sciences. We are the biggest student organization aimed for Business students in Finland with over 1000 members.

The most important mission of Trade is the daily promotion of interests of our members. In the case you discover a fault in your education, feel free to contact us!

We are one of the local organizations under The National Union of BBA Students – TROL and you can join us and TROL at the same time, in which case you get the benefits of the association for your use.

You can become a member by filling out a registration form at one of our offices!

To make sure that the student life isn’t too harsh, we organize  various events for the mental well being of students. Most often these events are organized in collaboration with different student organizations, so you will get to meet students also from outside of your own line of study.

Through us you can also order a yellow overall of your own at the start of your studies.




You can find our offices from Lemminkäisenkatu and Sepänkatu. We are usually open from 11:45 until 12:15.


The addresses for the offices are:

Lemminkäisenkatu 30

20520 Turku

In the Lobby, next to the cafetaria.


Sepänkatu 1

20700 Turku

C-Wing, 4th floor


Come chat with us, buy badges, become a member, update your TROL-membership, buy tickets for events or just hang out with fellow students!



Promotion of interests


The student organization Trade acts as the biggest driver of the interest of business students in Turku University of Applied Sciences.

The promotion of interests is done in collaboration with The Student Union TUO, The National Union of BBA Students – TROL,  The Union of Business students in Turku -region – TST, and also the board and students of TUAS.

Co-operation in the promotion of interests is also done with other student unions and the tutors of said unions.


If you  think that there’s something wrong in the education you are receiving or in the way that the school handles things, you can contact us about it.



hallitus (at) opiskelijayhdistys (dot) fi


Members of the executive committee


Business, ICT and Chemistry

Roosa Lönnqvist (

Marko Mäkinen (


Technology, environment and economy

Oskari Viitaniemi (

Timo Koponen (



If you have anything regarding memberships and their benefits that you may want to know, more information can be found at